Who We Are


Two hard-working gentlemen from the social media generation who think about the evolving social media culture like the high stakes, ever-shifting business that it is. We’ve got a leg up on the competition because this is our native tongue so to speak. We’re passionate, collaborative, and the right team to take your social campaigns to the next level.

Our Approach is Two-Pronged:


Being authentic sounds intuitive enough, but its importance can’t be overstated. Taking the time to develop an authentic and genuine connection with consumers, whether that be through social media campaigns or in-person conversations will develop much higher levels of brand loyalty.



Social users love engaging with trends and moments in the public zeitgeist, but what’s critical is timing. There’s such a distinct shelf life before things go from hip to lame. Today’s Storm Area 51 is tomorrow’s Harlem Shake. Having a team on the ground, responding to trends gaining steam instead of losing it can make a monumental difference.

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