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At Bulb Media, we don’t just talk up our social media game (baseless brag), we can prove it (humblebrag). In 2019, we started a TikTok account (danielandnickk) that reached 50,000 subscribers in just three months.  

How did we do this? We studied he largest accounts on the platform and interviewed TikTok’s Director of User Growth. As our infamously curmudgeonly 11th grade science teacher Mr. Baldwin used to say: “do, your damn homework.”

Our Approach is Two-Pronged:


Being authentic sounds intuitive enough, but its importance can’t be overstated. Gen Z consumers live the majority of their lives with a screen in their hand. They’re resistant to traditional advertisement, and even worse, can detect when an influencer is hawking a product they’d never really use. Therefore understanding both the influencer and their audience is key to driving conversions.


Social users love engaging with trends and moments in the public zeitgeist, but what’s critical is timing. There’s such a distinct shelf life before things go from hip to lame. Today’s Storm Area 51 is tomorrow’s Harlem Shake. Having a team on the ground, responding to trends gaining steam instead of losing it can make a monumental difference.



Daniel Poole and Nick Walton are not just founders, but friends IRL. From Little League through the awkward junior high years where Nick stole Daniel’s crush to high school years when Nick finally forgave him. Speaking of high school, Daniel and Nick won the prestigious superlative Best Bromance and have the plaque in their office to prove it.

They share a love for photography and a hatred for excessive hashtags. #bromancelyfe

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